Sleeping indoors



So I’m curious.  How many of you just absolutely love your job.   You can’t wait to get up in the morning and start a new day.   Being at work is such a joy you’d do it even if you weren’t paid…  A show of hands…   Anyone?  Hello?

Oh, there’s one in the very back.   And what do you do sir?   Retired?  Of course you are!  You know you’ll die in a few years, right?  How do you like it now?

This is a gross exaggeration obviously.   From what I’ve seen there are elements of any job that are enjoyable, and hated.  I had a boss tell me one time that if you had 30% of your job that you enjoyed you were better off than most.  And in my experience, that would be correct.

So if you could make the same salary and do whatever you wanted to do, what would that be?  I’ll bet that less than 10% would say they’re doing it.  I’m definitely in the 90% group.   I don’t hate my job, but I don’t love it either.  It’s just a way of earning what I need to survive.  So for myself, I think there are a couple of different answers.  If I had the skills to do what I wanted, I’d be a professional musician.   I’ll admit I have just enough ability to be on the fringe, but not to the level of earning a living.   There’s down sides to that too I’m sure.   To be successful there is lots of travel and time away from home.   That can be pretty cool, but only for a little while.   I’ve done that with my job, and it gets old pretty fast.   After a while, all hotels start looking the same, and there’s no real difference between a plane and a bus, except there are more people on a plane, and more room on a bus.

Hm.   Maybe not the idea job after all.

In all honesty I’d rather be a writer.   I’d get one best seller out, and live on the royalties while I worked on the next one.   It’s a job for sure.   Writers block can be very frustrating, and there are still deadlines and commitments to be met.   Still…  I think that’s one I could be happy with.

In fact, I’m already getting paid to do it, just not enough to live on.  Well, not being paid TO do it, but paid WHILE I’m doing it.     I’m at work trying to avoid the 70% of my job I’m not looking forward to.

But, the work isn’t going to do itself, and there are bills to pay.  It’s back to the grind.  But frankly, if it wasn’t for the whole sleeping indoors and eating regularly thing, I’d be drinking my coffee and working on my blog.

Just like I’ve done for the last hour.  I love my job.

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