Well, Hello there!

Blogging seems to be all the rage these days, doesn’t it?  Everyone from million dollar moguls to just the average Joe seems to feel the need to share their personal feelings, broad experience and sage wisdom with the masses.    And we’re all convinced that people care!  I mean, what I had for breakfast has to be of interest to someone, right?

Side story…

My mom (Bless her heart) was a little bit out there.   She was very smart, had a successful career, and obviously raised brilliant children, but at the same time she had a bit of delusions of grandeur.   It was harmless, but she always felt that she was just a little more important than she was.   When she got old, I was over helping her clean out some old papers, and came across a box FULL of 3”x4” spiral notebooks.  She had recorded every time she purchased gas for the car.    Starting mileage, number of gallons purchased, ending mileage and average miles per gallon.   EVERY time for over 40 years.   I might also mention that my father didn’t drive (Long story), so this was all the gas for the family over all those years.  When I asked her about it, she said that “I always figured that someday I’d be famous and people would want to know.”

Maybe she should have had a blog.

This isn’t my first foray into the world of blogging.   I started back in 2013 with one about dealing with mental health.  There’s a lot of it in my family, and we’ve all had to deal with many issues over the years, so I figured I should share my personal feelings, broad experience and sage advice about it.   I have to say it was reasonably successful.   I was getting thousands of hits per day and had tens of thousands of followers.  A major mental health publication named it in the top 10 blogs for 2014.   I’ve even been approached about putting it together into a book.  (Hmmm… delusions of grandeur?)

So anyway.   That topic has run its course, and I have no more sage advice to share there.   But I can’t stop writing.   Even though therapy isn’t needed (anymore), I find it very therapeutic to spend a little time each morning to ponder a little, and focus on something other than the chaos I live in.

I will say too, that my style of writing is stream of consciousness.   I’ll start with a thought, and see where it takes me.   Most of the time, I end up somewhere totally different from what I intended. In fact, I’m kind of impressed with myself that I’ve managed to stay on topic here.    But what can I say?  I love a surprise ending!

And here I am.

Hopefully, I’ll gain some traction and build a bit of a following.   Part of the enjoyment is knowing that at least someone appreciates my thoughts.   Or laughs at my pitiful attempts.   Whatever.  As long as those numbers keep climbing!

So that’s my introduction.   Stay tuned and see just how good it is.   I’m sure you care.

Oh, and I had sausage for breakfast.

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